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Pots of land

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Real Estate Property is real estate, land plots, as well as buildings, structures or other property directly related to land, namely objects, the movement of which is impossible without causing significant damage to its value and purpose.

A land plot is a part of the earth’s surface with established boundaries, a certain location, with specified rights concerning it, a part of the earth’s surface with fixed boundaries, characterized by a certain location, natural properties, physical parameters, legal and economic status and other characteristics.

The main attributes of the land plot should include: boundary, area, address and cadastral number; legal attributes: rights and obligations of the subject to own, dispose of, use, manage, inherit, the presence of restrictions, encumbrances, land easements; qualitative attributes: cost in use and cost in exchange, and in agriculture in addition a soil cover, a relief and an exposition of a slope, a configuration, climatic features.

During the assessment, the land plot is considered as a part of the land surface and the space above and below it in height and depth, which are necessary for the implementation of land improvements.

Formation of a land plot - establishment of its technical, economic characteristics and legal status in the process of land management.