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Garages and parking lots are complexes of buildings or areas designed for the storage and protection of vehicles, including the ability to provide technical service and repairs. Auto parking lots or garages can be separate buildings or part of a building that is attached to or embedded within a structure.

At the BARON-INVEST website, you will find numerous listings for garages and parking spots for your vehicle. When choosing a garage to buy, it is important to pay attention to the space required for safe entry and exit of the vehicle, both front and rear. A wide entry and exit provides a safe and damage-free way to store your car, even for inexperienced drivers.

Parking spots for cars or auto parking lots can be long-term, temporary, overnight, daytime, enclosed, or open-air. The best among them are the enclosed ones that provide storage for your vehicle without exposure to external factors such as wind, cold, snow, rain, or hail. These garage-style parking lots are always profitable when sold or rented out, and you can place listings for them on the marketplace at baron-invest.com.

In metropolitan areas with a high concentration of vehicles, multi-level automatic parking garages would be practical, where vehicle movement occurs with the engine turned off using special mechanisms, without the presence of a person inside.

Such parking garages are closed-type and renting them out brings huge profits due to a large number of parking spaces. Owners or realtors placing advertisements for garage and parking space rentals indicate all available characteristics. Potential clients use filters to access the necessary advertisements, contact directly, and enter into corresponding agreements.

Having heating in a garage not only makes it comfortable to store a car, but also to carry out its maintenance or repair. Such garages are equipped with a car pit, tool rack, special lighting, and a charging system for electric vehicles. And with the availability of a developed infrastructure nearby, selling such a garage through an advertisement placed on the website baron-invest.com is a guarantee of financial success.

If there are two or more cars and limited space, a garage with a high ceiling for two-level storage can be built. Such storage is carried out using special automatic mechanisms that are similar to a car lift.

Garages and parking lots are divided by types, such as built-in or attached to a building, and freestanding. The materials used to construct a garage are also varied. They can be built of brick, metal, or wood.

Garages and parking lots made of brick are the most highly valued. They are durable, hold heat well, and are resistant to external temperature fluctuations. Such garages are also called capital.

Metal garages are mainly intended for temporary car storage, they are portable, meaning they can be easily assembled, then disassembled and moved to another location.

Wooden garages also have a number of features, including mobility and good heat retention. However, they are not durable. The property of wood to react to external factors such as rain, snow, frost, and sudden temperature changes leads to deterioration of quality characteristics, as a result of their deterioration.

Announcements about the types and types of garages and parking lots are posted on the website baron-invest.com by both owners and intermediaries for a corresponding commission.

The planning stage of a private house with a built-in garage requires additional attention when determining the area in calculation of how many cars will be stored, what should be the distance between the threads for safe opening of doors and passenger exit.

Planning the area also depends on the types of vehicles, whether they are passenger cars, trucks, or special equipment.