Field: «Quarrying of stone»

This category contains advertisements concerning labor exchange and services in the field: Quarrying of stone both directly people who offer or look for a job, provide services, and companies requiring employees.

An employee is an individual person who performs hired work, has entered into a written employment agreement, contract or oral agreement with the head of the enterprise of any form of ownership with the stipulation of conditions of work activities of the person and receives the payment agreed when employing in cash or in kind.

Labor Exchange in the field: Quarrying of stone is an enterprise that provides specialized services for employment of citizens in the labor market (labor market). The labor exchange registers the unemployed persons and employs them. It acts as an intermediary between employees and employers in the employment process, helps to provide enterprises with human resources.

Quality work is the main condition for maintaining a stable workplace, further career progression, a respectable salary.

Once you have the expected job, it is very important to organize your working hours properly and keep the workday schedule.

Labor discipline in the field: Quarrying of stone is one of the main requirements of administrative authority to the employee. Do not forget to take care of materials and equipment, strictly comply with the occupational safety and health regulations, discipline and politeness in the team.

It is necessary to always be friendly in communication with colleagues, be polite and respectful towards partners and clients of the company, always aimed at finding compromise solutions in difficult situations, creative approach is needed in solution of problems. Observe standards of conduct adopted by the company. Be attentive to people, be tactful.

A curriculum vitae is a document that contains information about skills, work experience, education, and other relevant information needed to consider a person's candidacy for employment.