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A room is a part of an apartment or house that has its own design, interior, engineering systems, heating, furniture, and other things necessary for a person's separate living. Walls and partitions separate the room from the common part of the house, creating comfort and privacy, and divide it into residential, functional, utility, or entrance zones. There are advertisements for renting or selling rooms of various shapes and styles on the BARON-INVEST website.

The residential area of rooms is divided into the day and night zones. The living room, dining room, office, children's room, and dressing room are mainly included in the day zone. The bedroom is included in the night zone. Rooms such as a bathroom, kitchen, boiler room, laundry room, pantry, workshop, garage, and sauna are considered utility rooms. The entrance group includes a hallway, corridor, and terrace.

The living room is intended for receiving guests in the house, the bedroom is intended for sleeping, the kitchen is for cooking, and the dining room is for eating.

When searching for room advertisements on the online marketplace, the most popular ones are bedrooms that serve as both living rooms, offices, and dining rooms in small apartments. Such rooms are very profitable when rented out to young people or students because of the cheaper rent compared to apartments or houses.

Owners or realtors must take into account and indicate all the main characteristics of the rooms when posting advertisements, such as the presence of repairs, heating, smoking policies, the building's infrastructure, the number of beds, and whether living with the owners or without them. All of these factors affect the rental price.

The filters located on the free classifieds board allow you to quickly find listings for the desired room for comfortable living, with electronics, appliances, and internet. You can also filter by type of rental, such as hourly, daily, or monthly.

Listings for apartment rentals come in a variety of forms, posted both directly by owners and by real estate agents who charge a corresponding commission fee. The rental price depends directly on the size of the room and its heating, the infrastructure of the building, room renovations, and built-in electronics. For demanding clients, the ceiling height also plays a significant role in choosing a room.

The cheapest rooms are simple rooms with cosmetic repairs or without repairs at all, in panel houses. The middle category includes rooms with European-style renovation, average area, while the most expensive rooms can be found in designer-renovated listings on, with large areas in comfortable city areas.

In large buildings, a type of room called a study is often encountered. Studies are designed for conducting leisure activities in a business style, primarily for studying documents, conducting business affairs, and correspondence. Such rooms are primarily associated with business people. Studies are furnished with a library, art galleries, wooden ceilings, and furniture.

One of the most expensive rooms in a house is the bathroom. The cost of Italian designer plumbing on the market can reach very high prices, which not everyone can afford. The installation and all connections of such plumbing are also taken into account. Marble, granite, ceramics combined with chrome faucets create a unique look for the bathroom.

Announcements for renting a bedroom in a house with an exquisite bathroom can be found on the website, where you can directly contact the owner of the posted announcement.

A room with a real fireplace is primarily a source of heating for the house, luxurious comfort, and romantic coziness. Houses with such a room are unique, distinguished by the style of room layout with spacious and large windows and high ceilings. If you are looking for an announcement where a house with a fireplace is posted for a romantic encounter, then you have come to the right place!