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Rum: Definition, Types, and Features

Rum is an alcoholic beverage that gains popularity for its diverse flavors and traditional production history. This alcoholic beverage boasts a wealth of aromas and taste nuances, making it popular in the world of winemaking and gastronomy.

Types of rum:

Light rum: This type of rum is often made from high-quality sugarcane juice. It has a delicate color and a light taste, making it ideal for use in cocktails and mixes.

Dark rum: Obtained through prolonged aging in oak barrels, giving it a rich color and a full-bodied taste. Dark rum is most commonly consumed neat or on the rocks.

Spiced rum: The addition of various spices and herbs during production gives this rum the aroma and taste of exotic spices.

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Rum accessories: Special glasses, goblets, and decanters for the proper presentation of this noble drink.

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